Pipe Leaks Repairs – Utah County and Salt Lake City
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Pipe Leak Repairs

Pipe leaks in your household are often innocuous at first. They don’t announce themselves right away. But slowly, they begin to cause very costly water damage. Perhaps you won’t hear the water dripping or see the water meter reading changes, but ultimately, your water bill climbs steadily over the weeks, leaving you a day late and a dollar short.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 10 percent of homes in the United States have water leaks that deplete 90 gallons of water each day which, quite often, happens without the homeowner’s knowledge. That is a mammoth amount to waste when you consider that it is our planet’s most valuable resource.

Some causes of pipe leaks include:

  • Corrosion - when the pH in the water is too low, it can damage the inside of your pipes and cause rust, which in turns puts your health at risk.
  • High water pressure - when the pressure in your pipes is particularly high, it can cause pipes to leak or even burst
  • Deteriorating pipe joins - these connect your pipes and will inevitably degrade over time.
  • Clogs - Whenever there are clogs in the pipes, the water will seek to escape elsewhere - including and cracks in the piping.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, water damage is the second most common reason for an insurance claim after wind and hail damage. It is widely acknowledged that water damage is the leading cause of preventable homeowner insurance claims in our country.

By acting swiftly and calling us once you suspect that you may have leaking pipes somewhere in your household, we may minimise possible water damage and save you a lot of money in possible repairs.

But when you don’t get leak repairs promptly, you risk:

  • Electrical issues - Depending on where the pipe leaking occurs, water can seep into areas where electrical wires exist, which is very dangerous. Water is a conductor of electricity, so it is also important to not try to handle affected wires yourself as that can cause you serious injuries.
  • Structural damage - When water damage sets in, it can weaken wood and cause metal to rust. Rust can contaminate drinking water or affect the effectiveness of a heating system, for instance. 
  • Development of air quality issues - Due to water damage from leaks, the air in your home can become musty and revolting, and even put you at risk of illness.
  • Harmful mold growth - When mold develops in your household, it can cause myriad health issues for you and your family, including lung and throat irritation, nasal stuffiness, skin and eye irritation, coughs, and even more serious, long-term effects like insomnia and confusion.

Whether it be from sewage backup, basement flooding, other water damage from leaks, broken pipes, or an appliance malfunction, we are the SLC disaster cleanup and recovery experts to get you back to living! So if you are searching for a disaster cleanup company near me, give us a call.

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