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Got a ‘Floody-mess’? Don’t throw in the towel just yet 

Water damage is one of the most common and costliest disasters your home can experience, costing billions of dollars annually. So naturally you’d want to safeguard your most important asset against water damage with the professionals, or rather the Flood Pros. 

Leaking, flooding, or any other potential water disasters can both do extensive damage to your home and property, and if left untreated can present serious health threats.

Whether simply from a burst pipe or more ominous flood danger, such water contains dirt and toxins and can easily develop harmful bacteria. Bugs are attracted to moisture seeking out wet/moist areas in which to lay their eggs. Hatching eggs and dying bugs spread bacteria, hereby attracting even more bugs.

The humidity caused by the water allows for fungus, mold, and mildew to develop and spread easily. Mold can cause a host of unpleasant ailments including respiratory infection, worsened allergies, and chronic headaches.

Attempting a clean-up on your own is a risky exercise because you place yourself in danger of coming in contact with such contaminants. If you have a persistent water issue in your home or have incurred water damage of any sort, acting quickly to remedy the situation is the best way to limit property damage and protect your family from health issues that arise as a result of neglecting such damage.

The safest way to clean up a water mess is to call on the expertise of water damage restoration professionals who can remove the water and affected materials by following a safe and thorough process that eliminates contaminants.

Flood Pros’ all-encompassing approach includes damage assessment, using high-powered water extraction equipment combined with industrial strength Air Movers and Dehumidifiers to ensure fast and efficient drying, odor removal and mold remediation if required. We treat each situation as if it were our own home.

And finally you can continue life as normal, not worrying about the storm inside your teacup, and the harm it may bring.


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Flood Pro’s – SLC and Utah County

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