Mold – The Silent Destroyer

Mold cleanup

If you are a home or business owner, it is likely that you know what it's like to discover mold on your property. Because it is quite common to find it on anything from showers and sinks to windows and ceilings, mold can make you look and feel unhygienic.

Yet, mold can be found almost everywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. Attempting to get rid of it permanently is futile. Active mold growth, however, requires moisture - which, thankfully, can be addressed.

Mold is indicative of a bigger problem that needs urgent attention, and the longer it is left unattended, the more problems it can cause for you as a property owner. This is because mold damages whatever it grows on - not to mention, its potential to cause health issues, especially in people who are prone to allergies. Molds have also been known to affect people with asthma.

Proper containment and removal of mold growth is essential to preventing further spread and contaminating air with mold spores or toxins.

Seeking professionals to attend to water-damaged areas within 24-48 hours can not only prevent further mold growth, but protect you from illness.

At Flood Pros, we specialize in mold remediation while adhering to the strictest of industry protocols as defined by Indoor Environmental Standards Organization (IESO) and the (IICRC).

Proper disposition of the mold is determined by its location and the specific materials it has colonized. Removing the mold includes several options; wet washing, wire brushing, HEPA vacuuming to name a few. In some cases complete removal of infected materials is mandatory (ie. drywall). Once cleaned an area may require the application of biocides, based on written protocol.

How Flood Pros will conduct the mold remediation process once you have called us in:

  • Our professionals will examine your property to detect mold and some water sources that may be hidden from plain view.
  • We will then work on containing the mold from growing any further using the necessary measures. At this stage, all heating or cooling systems will also have to be switched off to avoid the spreading of mold.
  • We will use HEPA vacuums to stop the spread of microscopic mold spores while we continue with the remediation task.
  • We will employ the appropriate treatments to oust mold colonies and ensure that there’s no formation of new ones.
  • We will clean and disinfect all your home furniture and other items affected by mold. This will also get rid of remnants of odor.
  • The restoration process will also likely mean the replacement of wallpapers or painting, or even rebuilding of certain sections of your property.

Once we have completed our work, you should not be able to spot any mold or detect any moldy odors. You should also be able to re-occupy your home or business premises without any further threats to your health or the state of your building.

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