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2020 started with intensity with fires in several states, including Utah and Colorado. The fire season lasts nearly three months longer now than it did in the 1970s.

Over the past decade, the state has spent an average of $3.7bn a year fighting fires. 2020 is the fieriest year yet, amid a record-breaking heatwave. And with disturbing trends in global warming to consider, our wildfires are getting steadily worse. Add to that the treating of casualties, the cost of rebuilding and restoration, and one understands the severity of the situation. 

The increasing frequency of fires has resulted in significant damage to the homes and businesses in their paths. With so many fires happening every year, the cost of repairing the damaged property is enormous. The average costs for fire damage restoration can exceed $12,000.

However, people are often surprised to learn that hiring a damage restoration company can help them recover from fire damage in a much cheaper way.

In fact, the cost of hiring professional companies that do repair and restoration work after a fire is about half the price of what it would be if you were to do it yourself or hire a general contractor.

What these companies provide not only helps improve the quality of the restoration work, but it can also help preserve the value of your home or business.

When a fire damages your property, it's not just the structure that's affected, but also all of your belongings. The soot and smoke from the fire can cause extensive damage to furniture, carpets, electronics, and other possessions. Trying to clean up the property yourself can cause even more unnecessary damage to your belongings. Additionally, you run the serious risk of injuring yourself by inhaling dangerous fumes or coming in contact with asbestos particles.

Every item affected by fire needs to be professionally cleaned before returning it to its previous state. This is what these restoration companies do best. Not only are they experienced in the restoration process, but they also have the necessary equipment and know-how to clean your belongings correctly.

In addition to cleaning your possessions, these companies can also help with reconstruction work if needed. They have years of experience in repairing all types of damage caused by fire, so they will be able to get your property back to its previous condition.

Most importantly, hiring these companies helps preserve the value of your home or business in the long run. If you were to do it yourself, chances are that you will either take shortcuts with cleaning your items or cause more damage than necessary when doing reconstruction work. This can actually lower the market value of your property by thousands of dollars in some cases.

When you factor in the cost of hiring a general contractor for both the cleaning and reconstruction work, it's often more expensive than what professional restoration companies charge for their services. In fact, they usually include cleaning in their total cost, which is not included when hiring a general contractor.

In conclusion, using a damage restoration company can help you recover from fire damage in a much cheaper way. Using them not only improves the quality of the restoration work, but it can also help preserve your home's value in the long run.

Areas Flood Pros Operates in:

  • Salt Lake County
  • Utah County
  • Weber County
  • Davis County

Flood Pros provides first rate fire damage repair and restoration services. With 24/7 availability and same day emergency service, your property will be in the best possible hands, with technicians who will treat your home as if it were their very own.


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