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Why using a flood restoration company can help you speed up insurance claims

From a clients perspective…

When a disaster strikes, it can be hard to imagine ever getting your life back on track. Having experienced significant flooding recently, I got in touch with Flood Pros and they helped me get what needed done quickly. It’s amazing the difference one phone call makes to get our water damage and cleanup taken care of!

Floods are devastating events that can swallow up everything you own in their wake. In most cases, floods are caused by a plumbing failure or even a burst pipe and often occur when nobody is home to notice. If you’re unlucky enough to experience a flood, you’ll need the help of restorative contractors who have the expertise to cleanup and restore your property and possessions back to their pre-flood state.

Whatever the cause of your flood, it is likely that you will have experienced a devastating loss, and any delay in getting your property cleaned up and restored can cost you dearly. Depending on the nature of the hurricane or flood, it could even put your life at risk if restoration work isn’t carried out quickly. There are risks involved with doing this type of work yourself, which is why a professional flood restoration company is so important.

Be sure to keep a diary of the flood and all that you have lost. It will come in handy for insurance claims purposes, as well as when your property has been restored. The more support you can gain at this difficult time, the better. So reach out to a professional flood restoration company like Flood Pros and they’ll be able to assist you with everything that’s needed.

You’ll need expert help renting portable air conditioning units as well as furniture removal, storage, carpet cleaning and much more. It’s best to let them handle the work for you so you don’t take unnecessary risks by doing it yourself.

When you are ready to get back into your home, make sure that everything has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. One good way to do this is with flood remediation services which remove any stains or mould from your property so it can be restored back to its original state.

Restoration companies will also help to take care of insurance claims. This is an area where a professional flood restoration company can be very helpful, as you’ll need to document the vital information related to your home and possessions. Once all your insurance claims have been settled, make sure you contact the restoration company again so they can come in and finish any remaining work that’s needed.

If your property has been flooded, make sure you get in touch with a professional restoration company like Flood Pros. They will offer the help and expertise you need to make it through your challenging time.

Other services that may need insurance company approval:

  • Water damage
  • Mold remediation
  • Restoration
  • Fire damage

Areas Flood Pros Operates in:

  • Salt Lake County
  • Utah County
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