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Basement Flood Cleanup

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Make your basement flood

problems, ours

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Remove the water and the worry

When your basement flood needs an expert, call FloodPros to address your problems right away. We'll dispatch a crew of certified water damage restoration technicians.

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Recover from your disaster.

We can help with that.

A timely response, thorough inspection, and cleanliness of intrusive water can improve your ability to salvage or restore the property. We work for you and involve you throughout the process to determine what’s best for your situation.

Address it right away.

FREE initial inspection and estimate

Water extraction and dehumidification

Sewage contamination cleanup

Anti-microbial applications

Full mold remediation

Get A FREE Estimate

How Can We Help You?

Fill out the contact form below and a member of our team will reach out to you as soon as possible!

Need Help ASAP? Call Now! 

Save time, money and your property.

Prevent any bigger issues

At the first sign of an issue, call us. We’ll bill your insurance company, but we work for you. We take the necessary steps to salvage your property. So before you remove or dispose of anything let us inspect the damage. Most insurance companies already require an inspection, but this allows us to take the right steps to preserve property and reduce costly repairs.

We’ve seen similar projects take as many as 12 days longer when homeowners are navigating a back and forth process with their insurance company and claims adjuster. It’s our goal to help you move on from this as quickly as possible and with your home in proper order.


Water alone can do some damage.

It also can grow into bigger issues

Your health and safety always come first. Though we’ve seen hundreds of incidences not all water claims are simple to categorize. We’ll always send certified technicians to asses the damage and test for contamination.

Why hire a pro?

The water in your home can be harmful.

Even small improperly managed or unrecognized issues grow into big problems. Here's what we look for.

Clean Water

Category 1: Clean water does not pose potential harm with no contaminants. Originates from falling rainwater, melting ice or snow, tub or sink overflows, broken water supply lines, appliance malfunctions, or a broken toilet tank free from contaminants

Gray Water

Category 2: Significant contamination levels in the water. If consumed by or exposed to humans, it can potentially lead to discomfort or sickness. Common sources include a dishwasher and washing machine discharge and overflow, toilet bowl overflows with traces of urine (no feces), sump pump failures, hydrostatic pressure causing seepage, broken aquariums and punctured water beds.

Black Water

Category 3: Presents substantial risk of harm to humans, is highly unsanitary, and contains pathogenic agents. Originates from sources like sewage and ground surface water affect and enter the indoor environment.

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We Service Salt Lake County and surrounding cities in Weber, Utah, Cache, Davis, Summit, and Tooele Counties.

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